Envisioning the Future of Medvantx: A Conversation with CEO Prasanna Parthasarathy


Envisioning the Future of Medvantx: A Conversation with CEO Prasanna Parthasarathy

Prasanna Parthasarathy, chief executive officer at Medvantx, Inc., joined the leadership team six months ago and brings his more than two decades of experience in medical technology. As an industry expert, Parthasarathy has already made strides in advancing the Medvantx Insights platform that streamlines the medication fulfillment process for patients, providers, and manufacturers alike.

A Robust Background

Parthasarathy hails from Chennai, India, and earned his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Madras, India. He also holds a Master’s in Computer Engineering from Marquette University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago. This unique educational background helped Parthasarathy begin his career in healthcare technology, where he’s worked in multiple healthcare companies including GE Healthcare, Care Fusion, and Becton Dickinson. He also served as an operating partner at Windrose Health Investors. When the CEO position at Medvantx became available in 2022, Parthasarathy was happy to take on the challenge. “I was excited at the opportunity to make an impact in the lives of people who might otherwise not have the access they need,” he says.

Finding His Calling in Healthcare

With his educational background, Parthasarathy could have entered many different industries, but felt compelled to work in healthcare.

“I remain in healthcare because I like the idea of doing good,” he says. Parthasarathy continues, “Medvantx is uniquely positioned thanks to our ability to help people in need. We work with people who can sometimes fall between the cracks of our healthcare system to ensure that we are giving them access to care. We’re truly doing something that’s impactful to society.”

This passion to make a difference drives Parthasarathy to innovate at Medvantx to provide best-in-class service to continue to improve access to prescription medications.

Reliable, Compliant, Scalable: The Future of Medvantx

One of Parthasarathy’s goals is to leverage technology to digitize and streamline processes around prescription fulfillment and administering prescription assistance programs (PAPs), cash pay programs, and pharmacy services.

“We are serving millions of patients and filling millions of prescriptions for providers each year. Our goal is to have a consistent, best-in-class process and technology in place, in order to make sure that we are effective at serving our customers and patients in a way that’s scalable,” says Parthasarathy.

Compliance is also crucial to success as different states and territories each have different legal requirements for dispensing medications. Maintaining the appropriate licensure for pharmacists and adhering to strict guidelines while delivering medications, including cold chain prescriptions, requires precise logistical planning. Enabling technological solutions to automate processes helps streamline services while maintaining compliance and improving on already reliable services.

Supporting the Meritocracy of Ideas

Good ideas can come from anyone within an organization, which is something Parthasarathy values. “We are an organization that deeply believes in meritocracy of ideas and talent,” he explains.

That mentality has led to hiring practices that are unique in much of corporate America. At least half of the leadership team is women. “We make sure that we provide flexibility in terms of opportunities, respect for cultures, and being able to provide mentoring and support needed for people to explore opportunities,” he continues.

Parthasarathy credits the talent at Medvantx with the successes he’s seen so far in his tenure and hopes to continue to attract top recruits moving forward. Through empowering employees to pursue creative solutions, Parthasarathy hopes to continue to advance Medvantx with solutions that continue to improve patient’s access to care.

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