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About Medvantx

Medvantx offers Patient Assistance Programs, Cash Pay, Bridge & Quick Start, Product Replacement and various Pharmacy Services.

Medvantx has over 40 pharmacists who are able to provide consultations to patients around side-effect management, adherence, and REMS. In addition, pharmacists are able to provide consultations to manufacturers on types of pack-out strategies depending on the medication, medical device, or diagnostics.

Medvantx operates two major facilities located in South Dakota and Kentucky and are licensed to deliver medications direct to patients’ doorstep in all US states and territories including US Virgin Islands, Guam and Puerto Rico.

Both of our facilities can pack and ship ambient and cold chain medications within compliance standards. Today Medvantx fulfills 150+ products across a wide array of therapeutic areas.

Medvantx South Dakota Pharmacy- 2503 E 54th St N. Sioux Falls, SD, 57104 (866.744.0621)

Medvantx Kentucky Pharmacy- 1860 Outer Loop, Suite 348. Louisville, KY 40219 (866.744.0621)

Healthcare Innovation

The Medvantx INSIGHTs Analytics platform provides standardized reports on inventory and dispenses with timely SLA adherence.

Medvantx deploys securely hosted, HIPAA Compliant API with use standards-based JSON, REST API, EDI, XMl, and HL7.

Part of the Medvantx INSIGHTs Engage platform, our smart IVR® is a 24/7 self-service, fully automated, HIPAA compliant platform where callers can check order status, process their refill requests, verify prescription status, and interact to schedule their delivery based at their pace.

Medvantx seamlessly connects to HUBs and manufacturers to complete error-free and resilient electronic Rx order intake, while managing the dispense lifecycle and tracking Patient Status (PFSR).

We are available in most EMRs under the name of Ameripharm INC (DBA Medvantx Inc), where the provider would select the pharmacy and the patient will then proceed with filling the prescription through Medvantx.

Patient Prescription & Pharmacy Support

We have over 40 pharmacists on staff that patients can contact for counseling or prescription guidance six days a week, for patient inquiries please click here: or call Medvantx at 866-744-0621

Medvantx adheres to all regulatory prescription requirements. We accept e-prescriptions, verbal prescriptions, written and/or faxed prescriptions, depending on the medication class. In the event you do not have a prescription, we can reach out to the provider to obtain your Rx.

Medvantx is integrated with non-dispensing pharmacies, and receive orders through our custom API, smart IVR or direct from the patient via phone call or received through the INSIGHTs Engage platform.

Medvantx provides instructions on the bottom of packing slips for how to properly dispose of medications. Additional resources for disposal are available by visiting this link.

Patient Assistance Programs help supply medications at a low cost or potentially free for those who qualify.

Providers will assist patients in applying for assistance programs through an application and eligibility process and submission of prescription to Medvantx. Each program is different, and patients will need to follow the guidelines per program.

Medvantx includes patient advisory pamphlets and instructions for use, dispensed with your medications-ensuring proper storage, enhancing consistency, adherence, and appropriate use of medications. Medvantx pharmacists are also available via the phone number on the prescription to provide counseling to patients.

Medvantx provides data exchange through our INSIGHTs Connect platform that leverages industry standard API-based integration across various technology platforms to enable seamless secure access. Additionally, our INSIGHTs Analytics tool provides our HUB and Manufacturer partners with report generation of integrated clinical, dispensing, product, compliance, and forecasting data.

Quality & Compliance

The quality culture is supported and driven from top leadership down throughout the organization. Medication safety is our top priority. Medvantx embraces a quality-minded culture by ensuring quality is addressed throughout all processes.

While 21 CFR is not a governing standard for Medvantx, we recognize our manufacturing partners do follow this standard. We integrate elements of 21 CFR in our processes. Medvantx adheres to NABP and State Board of Pharmacy standards and regulations.

Yes. Medvantx partners with vendors who perform routine validation of equipment as designated by internal policies.

Yes. Medvantx has a suite of quality and compliance training for Medvantx staff and more specialized training for employees depending on their role within the organization. Additionally, Medvantx employees complete client-specific quality training.

Medvantx holds NABP Digital Pharmacy Accreditation which is a 3-year accreditation for pharmacies providing an advanced level of pharmacy services and disease management for patients taking medications that require special handling, storage, and dispensing requirements. Only 5% of pharmacies currently hold this certification.

Within the past two years, Medvantx has committed to partnering with top subject matter experts in the ESG space to help us benchmark, learn and develop our strategy. This includes investing in a top subscription with Ecovadis where we achieved a “Fast Mover” badge in 2023 and are working with their expert analysts to identify additional measures to move the pendulum forward. We participate in Schneider Electrics’ Energize Program’s weekly webinars to learn how to utilize renewable electricity. We also collaborate with SBTi to develop a science-based emissions-reduction target.

Medvantx Careers

To apply for a job at Medvantx, follow these steps:

Visit the Medvantx Careers page here.

browse through the open positions that match your qualifications. Click on the job title for more details and apply directly from the website.

We offer a comprehensive benefits package, including a 401k with company match, professional financial counseling, Disability Leave of Absences with paid pregnancy leave & parental leave, paid holidays, personal time off, and more.

Yes, there are numerous remote roles. We are committed to creating a flexible work environment.

We are a company that values growth and potential. We support our employees with various learning and development programs that help them grow their skills and advance their careers. We also provide performance feedback and recognition to foster a culture of success and innovation.