Patient Assistance Programs Help Patients Get the Medications they Need


Patient Assistance Programs Help Patients Get the Medications they Need

When healthcare providers (HCPs) prescribe medications to patients, their goal is to provide the best care possible. Medical insurance, family income, and access to medications rarely factor into an HCPs decision making when a patient’s health is at risk. Unfortunately, there are frequently barriers to patients getting the medications they need due to affordability and lack of access, which can also impact a patient taking medications as prescribed. One method patients can access medications is through Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs).

What are Patient Assistance Programs?

PAPs are designed to assist patients receive medications at reduced or no cost. They are usually sponsored by pharmaceutical manufacturers and designed for individuals who are uninsured, or are underinsured and cannot afford prescription co-pays. PAPs play an important role in medication adherence as the most common reason many patients do not take their prescriptions is due to high costs.

Who is Eligible for PAP?

Most PAPs have strict eligibility criteria and an application for a patient to enroll. Applications may require detailed medical and financial records along with a valid prescription and a doctor’s signature. Enrollment criteria varies by manufacturer, but three standard eligibility requirements include:

1. Income eligibility (usually shown through tax returns)
2. Proof of no insurance or inadequate insurance
3. US Citizenship or residency

Other PAP eligibility requirements may include:

1. Federal poverty level determination
2. Prior authorization
3. Valid diagnosis

How do Patients Access PAP?

It can be difficult for patients to access PAPs as the application process can be cumbersome and may require help from an HCP. Patients interested in accessing PAPs have three main routes:

1. Contacting the pharmaceutical manufacturer directly via phone or web query
2. Speaking with their HCP directly and request information on PAP
3. Searching their medication’s name and adding “assistance program” or “savings program”

How Does Medvantx Enable PAPs?.

At Medvantx, we believe that cost should not be a barrier to patients taking their medications as prescribed. Medvantx works closely with pharmaceutical manufacturers to administer their PAPs and deliver medications to patients in all 50 states. Four out of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the US trust Medvantx to execute their PAPs thanks to our expertise, reliability, compliance, safe execution, and licensing. Additionally, our Medvantx Insights platform provides increased usability and transparency for patients, manufacturers, and HCPs.

Working with Medvantx

As an industry-leading non-commercial dispensing pharmacy, we consistently strive to enhance and improve lives by simplifying access to prescription medications. Our proven track record for order accuracy makes us a trusted partner for over 25 programs and counting. Through agile implementation of a best-in-class technology platform, we hope to improve lives.

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