Advancing Access to Patient Care with Medvantx Insights

Advancing Access to Patient Care with Medvantx Insights

As a leading non-commercial dispensing pharmacy, licensed to distribute prescriptions in every US State and territory, Medvantx Inc. is poised to make advances in the industry with our new medication management platform, Medvantx Insights. Medvantx Insights is an evolving technology that integrates our services with the goal of streamlining medication access.

Medvantx Insights at a Glance

Medvantx is skilled in providing numerous pharmacy services including patient assistance and cash pay programs. The Insights platform is separated into three modules, Analytics, Connect and Engage to align with our business pillars. Through the Analytics platform, we offer clinical patient access data while providing operational, compliance, and financial insights; while the Connect features leverage industry standard API-based integration across various technology platforms to enable seamless access. Finally, with Engage, Medvantx provides a 24/7self-service access for patients and providers. Chief Technology Officer Nabil Badr explains: “Medvantx Insights is our medication management platform designed to help our partners achieve greater customer centricity, while enabling a frictionless patient/provider experience.”

The Importance of Harnessing New Technology

Chronic health conditions that require maintenance medications are difficult to manage in ideal situations. For many Americans, conditions are less than ideal, with millions of people uninsured or underinsured and unable to afford the high cost of prescription drugs. Medvantx helps bridge the divide by working with manufacturers executing their Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) so that patients in need can receive medications at little or no cost.

Chief Executive Officer Prasanna Parthasarathy explains, “we touch millions of lives every year, people who are going through cancer treatment or people who are going through rheumatoid arthritis or other serious disease states. They don’t have to trade off putting food on the table for their family versus taking care of their chronic condition.”

The Benefits of Medvantx Insights

With over 10 years of experience, Medvantx has the expertise to deliver complex and compliant technology for secure and reliable data management and integrate digitally with our pharmacy while providing flexibility around prescription management experience, clinical questions and more. Our API gateway simplifies connectivity for seamless end-to-end prescription management giving improved insights to manufacturers, healthcare providers, and patients alike.

Advancing a Non-Commercial Dispensing Pharmacy

By leveraging new technology, Medvantx can continue to lead trends in non-commercial dispensing pharmacies. The Insights platform continues to grow and will have additional capabilities in 2023. Through this advanced technology, more patients are able to get the medications they need within strict compliance and safety regulations.