The Importance of Direct to Patient Cash Pay Pharmacy Services


The Importance of Direct to Patient Cash Pay Pharmacy Services

Direct-to-patient (DTP) cash pay pharmacy services are a new and exciting venue to deliver medications to patients. This model is best for non-complex medications where diagnosis may be done virtually.

What are DTP Cash Pay Pharmacy Services?

DTP cash pay programs are paid directly by patients through online credit card processing. They are not funded through insurance programs.

Generally, this process is driven by the patient seeking medication. The patient can go to the participating drug manufacturer’s website to create an account and provide a physical mailing address and payment information. They will then answer relevant questions regarding their medical history and current health. From there, the patient will be contacted by their healthcare provider (HCP) who will assess if the drug is appropriate and if indicated, write a valid prescription. The prescription will go to a non-commercial dispensing pharmacy, like Medvantx, where it can be fulfilled.

DTP cash pay services are designed to supplement, not replace, established connections between patients and providers. Instead, these services give patients the convenience of requesting a prescription virtually without needing to leave home.

How Medvantx Administers DTP Cash Pay Pharmacy Services

Medvantx acts as the non-commercial dispensing pharmacy for DTP cash pay services. That means, HCPs will deliver valid prescriptions directly to Medvantx and our dedicated pharmacy team will fulfill and prepare the order to be delivered directly to the patient.

One thing that sets Medvantx apart is our ability to provide transparency to patients through our Medvantx Insights platform. Patients can follow their prescription fulfillment journey online and anticipate when they will receive medications. Further, patients can opt in to receive text message refill reminders for future refills if there is an active refill for the prescription.

Optimizing DTP Cash Pay Pharmacy Services

Medvantx is a leading non-commercial dispensing pharmacy with over 20 years of experience. Through this experience and our existing and expanding services, we strive to administer stellar DTP cash pay pharmacy services with over 99 percent accuracy.

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