Improving Quality and Compliance Standards in the Pharmacy


How Medvantx Improves Quality and Compliance Standards in the Pharmacy 

Pharmacies play a vital role in providing safe and effective medications to patients, providers, and healthcare companies. However, pharmacies also face various challenges and risks, such as medication errors, drug shortages, counterfeiting, diversion, and fraud. To ensure the quality and integrity of pharmacy services and products, it is essential to adhere to the highest standards of quality and compliance. 

These guidelines and regulations govern our pharmacy practice and operations.

They cover various aspects of the pharmacy, such as licensing, accreditation, certification, auditing, documentation, reporting, training, policies, procedures, processes, systems, equipment, facilities, personnel, inventory, distribution, dispensing, storage, handling, labeling, packaging, testing, monitoring, recall, disposal, and customer service. Quality and compliance standards aim to ensure that the pharmacy meets the expectations and requirements of the customers, regulators, payers, and other stakeholders. 

By following these standards the pharmacy can: 

  • Set the tone for a safety and quality-first culture. 
  • Establish a framework for communicating identified gap areas in workflow. 
  • Ensure the safety, efficacy, and quality of the medications and services provided to the patients and customers. 
  • Proactively mitigate risks across the organization 
  • Prevent, detect, and correct any errors, defects, deviations, or non-conformities that may compromise the quality and safety of the medications and services. 
  • Protect the reputation, credibility, and trustworthiness of the pharmacy and its staff. 
  • Avoid or minimize any legal, regulatory, financial, or reputational risks or penalties that may result from non-compliance. 
  • Improve the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of the pharmacy operations and processes by reducing touchpoints. 
  • Enhance the satisfaction, loyalty, and retention of the patients and customers. 
  • Gain a competitive edge and differentiate the pharmacy from other providers in the market. 
  • Demonstrate the commitment and responsibility of the pharmacy to quality and compliance. 

At Medvantx, we are committed to improving quality and compliance standards in the pharmacy.

Both of our pharmacy locations are NABP digital pharmacy accredited, helping us stay accountable to industry standards. We are one of the 5% of pharmacies to hold this accreditation. We also recently implemented a new QR system. Our pharmacy technicians scan the medication’s QR codes and the system links the lot information to the patient order. Before, any technicians would manually enter lot information, choosing from a list, which could lead to errors. With the new QR code scanning process, we can prevent mistakes and improve our quality of dispensing. This also allows us to easily track which lot each patient medication belongs to in the event of a recall.

We have also made improvements in end-to-end dispensing accuracy. What was a standard single scan to print the carrier label, has been upgraded to a triple scan process to ensure packing quality and shipping accuracy.  These system alerts, safety cap flags, bar coding and scanning, drug images and imprints, and configurable Rx and dispense verification screens provide maximum patient safeguards – and protect from potentially critical and costly errors.

Additionally, through e-prescribing, Medvantx is able to electronically transmit a precise, error-free, and intelligible prescription straight to a pharmacy from the point-of-care, and is a key factor in raising the standard of our patient care. We adapt electronic prescribing to patient assistance programs using seamless integrated workflow tools and queues that greatly reduce processing time while increasing quality control.

We are committed to providing our patients, providers, and healthcare companies with the best pharmacy services and products possible. We do this through our Patient Assistance Programs, Cash Pay, and Pharmacy Services, all enabled by our proprietary Medvantx INSIGHTs Platform. Our platform leverages data analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation to optimize pharmacy operations and outcomes. 

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