Partnering with Medvantx for Prescription Assistance Programs

Partnering with Medvantx for Prescription Assistance Programs

Medical breakthroughs are improving patient lives with new innovations every day. While this is an exciting time in treating many conditions that were previously difficult to manage, it also poses a problem for Americans who are uninsured or underinsured and unable to easily access the prescriptions they need. That’s why prescription assistance programs (PAPs) are critical to improving access to care for patients.

How PAP Partnerships Work

PAPs help patients who may otherwise fall through the cracks get access to the prescription drugs they need at little or no cost. Medications are often donated by manufacturers through foundations or other front-end partners and then dispensed through a non-commercial dispensing pharmacy, like Medvantx.

From the patient perspective, enrolling in PAPs can be cumbersome, but the result is worthwhile. A typical process may involve:
1. Patient learns about PAP from an HCP, or by searching the manufacturer’s website.
2. Patient applies to PAP and provides supporting documentation to prove eligibility that may include financial records, proof of insurance or lack thereof, and proof of citizenship.
3. Once a patient is accepted, they must receive a valid prescription from a healthcare provider.
4. The patient receives prescriptions directly through a mail order pharmacy.

Trusted Solutions in PAP Partnerships

Medvantx has over 10 years of PAP experience, and many more collected decades of experience in pharmacy services, sales, IT, technicians, and more among our talented and highly knowledgeable staff. That experience has led Medvantx to work with four of the top 10 prescription manufacturers in the country. We are a trusted partner with invaluable experience and industry-leading standards.

Partnering with Medvantx to administer PAPs can benefit manufacturers. Before starting any new program, the Medvantx team works closely with manufacturers to screen for what is the best use of resources to provide the maximum benefit to patients seeking access to medications. We offer scalable solutions, tailored to the clients.

In addition to strategizing the optimal PAP with a manufacturer, Medvantx has robust capabilities in packing and shipping. We have two major facilities, one in Sioux Falls, SD, and one in Louisville, KY. Both facilities are able to pack and ship large quantities of cold chain medications as well as ambient medications. From these facilities, Medvantx can ship to all 50 states as well as US territories. That expertise is unique in non-commercial dispensing pharmacies, making Medvantx an ideal partner for administering PAPs.