Introducing Brand New Feature Updates on Medvantx’ Insights Connect

Technology Evolves, Connect with a Network of Insights Alongside Medvantx.

Pharma partners can now streamline analytics reporting and order management with the secure and convenient features of Medvantx Insights Connect. Discover how our real-time, traceable data pipelines unlock quality and secure information exchanges between applications. 

Medvantx Connect is a revolutionary technological integration that provides our partners with a wide range of advantages that enable them to enhance their operations. Improved security, real-time data exchange, easy integration, and trackability are some of the features that make Medvantx Connect unique.  

The pharmaceutical industry is rapidly evolving, and technology systems that facilitate secure data exchange are an essential component of this change. Industry-leading API platforms like Medvantx Insights Connect, offer partners a robust platform enabling seamless integration capabilities such as 

  • Real-Time Data: Data streams that revolutionize analytics reporting, inventory management, and demand planning with real-time, quick data exchange. 
  • Security: Our seamless and secure pipeline ensures high-quality, encrypted information exchanges between applications. 
  • Traceability: Allow for efficient order management and clear End to End tracking for a medication processing journey with ease and transparency. 

This dynamic platform brings Data-Sharing capabilities that provide a native data stream for reporting and analytics and empower data aggregation for consolidated reporting.  

The Insights platform fulfills functions that ensure HIPAA-compliant Patient Communications exchange between Medvantx and partners. Timely Order Management updates on from intake to fulfillment are supported by delivery and shipping updates with Acknowledgment of Delivery Status, accessing important details such as packing and shipment IDs, carrier and tracking numbers, and delivery dates alongside clear and concise status descriptions.  

Medvantx has also recently launched Hub Integration functionality that will further extend access to third-party applications and increase overall seamless integration abilities. This will allow businesses to connect multiple applications independent of where they are located. 


What’s in the Future for Connect? 

According to a recent article by Oliver Wyman Health, “…all sectors of the industry are challenged to make healthcare more accessible and equitable. For pharmaceutical companies, there are multiple challenges…” (Heese et al., 2023). Medvantx accepts this challenge by focusing on proactively increasing access to healthcare everywhere. One way we are doing this is by deploying a new tool through a Demographics and Status API within Connect in the fourth quarter of 2023. This newly developed tool will harness valuable information such as patient status, address updates or demographic changes, helping to qualify and serve underprivileged communities and address health inequities in patient care. 

As the pharmaceutical industry becomes more competitive, integrating the right technology platform is vital to remain relevant. Medvantx Connect is one of the most valuable tools that can give pharmaceutical partners a competitive edge and raise their efficiency levels to new heights.