Employee Appreciation Day

Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day

At Medvantx, each day our employees demonstrate a passion for healthcare accessibility and patient wellbeing, upholding our mission and values in everything they do. This Employee Appreciation Day, we take a moment to recognize their committed efforts and share how we celebrated the invaluable contributions of our team members.

A Week of Recognition and Connection

During onsite training in our South Dakota pharmacy, we were able to celebrate and recognize valued employees, and get to know them on a deeper later over catered lunch. This was just a small token of our immense appreciation for their continuous drive to make healthcare more accessible. Our gathering was an opportunity to create deeper connections within our team and to uncover stories of the profound impact our staff members have created, both professionally and personally.

Spotlight on Excellence

Employee Appreciation Day was the perfect way to highlight individuals who embody the values and mission of our Medvantx culture. Here are the stories of some of our standout employees whose efforts redefine what it means to be part of the healthcare industry:

Recent Award of Excellence Receipient:

Ken McFarland-Ken quickly pivoted to providing a continuous stream of a call center training classes in support of new launches, maintaining the core of compliance pieces in this responsibility. He continually demonstrates a customer centricity and purpose driven leadership that results in successful implementation and positive feedback from vendors.

Kaytlin Judd- Kaytlin is a light of positivity, adapting to various roles to ensure the timely delivery of necessary medications. Her flexibility and consistent quality of work are just two reasons why she is so valued in our team.

Dan Dorris-Dan’s commitment to improving efficiency and safety is integral to our operations in our Kentucky location. His enthusiasm and ability to foster a spirited and appreciative team atmosphere is nothing short of inspiring.

Darnesia Cochran- An embodiment of Medvantx values, Darnesia approaches her role with a patient-first mindset, ensuring a meticulous execution of tasks. Her readiness to train others and display leadership when needed truly sets her apart.

Pat Lo- Pat exudes a collaborative spirit, always poised to lend a helping hand. She is deeply committed to accuracy and strives to ensure our customers receive the highest level of service.

Cathy Eaton-Daily, Cathy lives out our values with infectious positivity and unwavering support for her colleagues. She maintains an efficient, accurate workflow while keeping the needs of the customer as her guiding principle.

Our Ongoing Commitment

Their narratives exemplify our professional, trustworthy organization and compassionate approach to service within the healthcare industry. Medvantx takes pride in fostering an inclusive and diverse environment where each team member’s contributions are acknowledged and celebrated. We understand that they are the key to our success and the fulfillment of our mission. Our celebration of Employee Appreciation Day is not an isolated event but a continual practice of recognizing and supporting the people who make healthcare more accessible.

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