Direct-to-Patient Product Replacement Services


Why Medvantx as Your Product Replacement Partner

Sometimes patients may need an urgent replacement of a drug or medical device due to a defective product, malfunction or damage during transit. Medvantx will replace these items at no charge if approved by the manufacturer.

Receiving medication that can’t be safely used can be frustrating, but also expensive. Having processes and procedures in place to quickly replace damaged or defective products allows patients to continue their medication therapy, with minimal impact on their overall journey.


Benefits for Manufacturers and Patients

Using Medvantx for product replacement reduces waste as we are able to dispense exact amounts of medications. It’s also more convenient for patients as it reduces trips to the pharmacy.

Prescription Authorization

Once approved by the manufacturer, Medvantx can accept a valid prescription from a manufacturer, or by a Medvantx Pharmacist reaching out to the patient’s health care provider. Replacement and authorization will not impact the patient’s recurring prescription refills.


“Through our expansive pharmacy experience, we understand that things happen. From injector misfires to broken vials, or crushed pills, these situations are out of a patient’s control. Ensuring patients inevitably receive the usable, safe medications that they’re entitled to, is in our control.”

-Chelsea Fentress, Associate Director of Customer Experience