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Medvantx CEO Rob Feeney talks with UPS Healthcare President Wes Wheeler about how healthcare logistics will be key to world’s evolving response to the coronavirus crisis.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought unprecedented changes to every aspect of our modern lives. The closures of businesses and schools have resulted in profound anxieties for the everyday American, but for those in the healthcare industry, the challenges are infinitely more complex. At the heart of these challenges is healthcare logistics.

The demand for healthcare supplies and medicines has never been more vast, immediate, or widespread. The country’s response to the pandemic—and indeed the lives of many thousands of Americans—depends on the ability of transportation and logistics companies to get lifesaving provisions to the hospitals, clinics, and other frontline providers who need them, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In this informative episode of UPS’s Longitudes Radio podcast, Medvantx CEO Rob Feeney sits down with UPS Healthcare President Wes Wheeler to discuss the impact that coronavirus and “black swan” events like it have on the global supply chain.

Healthcare logistics experts with decades of experience between them, Feeney and Wheeler answer questions including:

  • How do we ensure the delivery of healthcare supplies to those who need them most?
  • What strategies should be implemented to expedite coronavirus testing?
  • How is telemedicine meeting the needs of a “shelter in place” society?
  • What lessons from previous pandemics are logisticians tapping into today?

The global healthcare supply chain is complex and highly interdependent, making the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic particularly vexing. Modern technology including direct-to-patient channels and enhanced cold chain solutions have moved healthcare logistics from reactive to proactive, leveraging innovations including AI and machine learning to anticipate needs before they arise.

Wheeler and Feeney look at UPS Healthcare’s visibility, tracking, and management of critical healthcare shipments, and how its partnership with Medvantx is driving direct-to-patient solutions and in-home treatment in the new era of medicine.

With the development of coronavirus vaccines and treatments on an unprecedented fast track, healthcare logistics will be key to world’s evolving response to a crisis of truly historic proportions.